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Our Management and Design Team

We will help you start any type of business operations from design to complete operations.  We will help you run and manage operations from startup, or on-going operations, which ever the case may be, include staffing, training, and management.

To begin with, our creative team is led by J.D. Pollard and Keith Persons, supported by members of our team who are Structural Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Electronics Engineers, and even input from local people from California's Disney "Imagioneering" development lab, JPL, Rockwell Research, and Hughes Research and Development, for truly innovative and highly technical solutions.

A one-on-one conference call or personal meeting will start the process of designing and "Imagioneering" the proper strategy for your project.  

Once we have an idea of your goals, we will bring together our appropriate team members to design a "First Draft" approach for an outline for our next meeting, along with necessary examples, models, and drawings in preparation for the next draft, all the way through to a final draft.

Our goal is to turn your dreams into reality.

Our Design Team could be also be appropriately renamed as our "Creative Team", as well as "Technical Team".

Keith once helped a client in Beverly Hills by designing a "No Hands" entrance lighting system that was sound activated.

After successful completion of the project, a version was redesigned and "down sized" then simplified to be more cost effective for mass production and was introduced to the public as "The Clapper".  It has become a famous "Icon" in the television commercial industry, with total sales equaling over $350 Million in total sales as of 2010.

For another BH client, he designed a system that would control lights, thermostats, sprinkler systems, etc., by telephone for remote controlling of home systems while on vacation or on business trips.

Now, these systems are very common and are now controlled by internet computers, and can monitor home and office security cameras, among many other home and office control and monitoring functions.

Keith also helped the US Armed Forces design a spray on polymer liquid for building roads out of sand substructure that trucks and tanks can drive on in preparation for Operation Desert Storm.  The first Iraqi war in 1990.  Roads, Airstrips, and Helipads were made out of sand and polymer liquid spray that hardens as hard as epoxy within 24 hours.  This is how our troops out maneuvered Iraqi forces in Operation Desert Storm (1990) and in Operation Desert Shield in 2006, and were able to show up and out maneuver Iraqi Troops in isolated deep sand desert locations where the enemy thought was impossible to travel.  This resulted in a show of superiority and intimidation so great that Iraqi forces surrendered in record amounts. 

Typical civilian uses are as Rural Road Repair, Erosion Control, Emergency Roads in "Soft Soil" conditions, Dust Control, Injectable for Shifting Foundations, foundation fortification after earthquakes during rescue operations, and many more uses.

These are just a few examples of some projects that Keith as worked on that required creativity and the use of technology in order to complete, including working on the 5 Star Acapulco Princess Hotel in Mexico, for International "Hands On" building experience.

J.D. Pollard has over 35 years experience in building manufacturing plants, offices, medical and dental clinics, as well as industrial and medical equipment supply and installation around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Mexico, and has done work and major consultation in over 40 countries worldwide, as well as the United States, Canada, and Europe.

This gives our Design Team the "Hands On" experience of knowing the difficulties of building in 1st World, 2nd World, and 3rd World environments, as well as working with different cultures, business protocols, Government Restrictions and Permits, and work ethics.

No project is too difficult or complex for us.  If we can't do it all "In House", we will find the proper partner to "Sub Contract" with in order to make it happen.










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