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Drone and Helicopter Operations

Typical Centralized Drone support setup.


Mobile Drone Systems - GPS Satellite System (and Laser Painting Technology)


Dual System / Dual Screen Controls - GPS Satellite System with Laser Painting Technology with Live Video Feed.  (lower screen)
Targeting (left).  System stabilizing and support (right).


Your main firepower and ground support should be with traditional Gunship helicopters, augmented with small auxiliary support helicopters at a 10 to 1 ratio, unless at war.  Your main surveillance and light attack force should be with light helicopter teams.  Drones make an excellent addition to any system.

Apache Gunship - with "Light" missile system.  Designed by Hughes Research - Pasadena, Ca. and Mesa, Arizona divisions, built by Boeing / McDonnel Douglas  -  Mesa, Arizona.

Cobra Gunship - with "Heavy" missile system.  Built by Bell Helicopter in Mesa, Arizona .

Russian Mi-25/35 Gunship

Russian Mi-25/35 Gunship - Excellent for attack, troop transport, troop ground support, and troop evacuation, all in one unit.  Capable of "Heavy and Light" missile systems simultaneously, as well as heavy "bomb" ordinance lift, for an awesome support unit for any occasion.  An absolute "must have" for your team.   

We provide ground support and training for your own ground support team.

A typical Ratheon design Missile System.  Most or all of this unit would typically be built underground as a basement (bunker) setup to client specifications.

A photo of the actual "Entry Level".  Most of the operations is underground.  Never the less, this level is built to Terrorist Proof and Attack Proof standards as well.  That is, armored walls, 10 inch missile proof glass panels, and stress redirecting design where appropriate.


Other Ratheon products for your consideration:

The Ratheon Sea-Ram Missile system for ground or sea (Ocean Oil Platform or Ground Based Oil Derrick) protection. 

Ratheon "Sidewinder" missiles.  A "Heavy" missile system for Air to Air or Ground to Air combat.

We will custom design and operate for your initial setup as well as train your personnel for all ongoing operations and support.  We're there when you need us.