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Let us design a cost effective Helicopter security system for you.  More bang for the buck .  Put 3 or 4 units in the air for more "Eyes in the Sky" for the cost of one "Bell 47" helicopter system and incredibly more maneuverable.  Plus, the Bell systems are "restored", not new, as with our units.  We use the Bell 47 as an example, because it's their least expensive helicopter, in order to compare investment and operating costs.  Using an example of a Bell 260, the ratio would be 10 to 1. The more prohibitively expensive Bell "Cobra" or Boeing "Apache" systems are much more costly in both investment and operating costs, as well as logistical maintenance issues. (Highly technical and high training requirements for ground support for Turbine and Turbocharged power plant systems.) 

But we would like to emphasize that there is no replacement for the Helicopter Gunships fully fitted for Attack Mode, such as the Apache, Cobra, and Russian Mi-25/35 for main support firepower.  We fully recommend that you have these Gunships in your arsenal. 

However, these extremely expensive solutions should be supported by our smaller more affordable units by at least 10 to 1.  Even 20 to 1 under most circumstances, unless your military is in full offensive and defensive mode (at war).   That is, 10 to 20 of our helicopter units for every one of the Gunship systems.

Our small, fast, and agile helicopters will prove to be your main source of intelligence gathering through surveillance, as well as extremely fast for both offensive and defensive operations.  Early response is the key function due to speed, and being able to afford to have more units in the air at all times, plus more affordable to have more operational base locations and support, for 24/7 operations, at a fraction of the cost of the more expensive helicopter systems.     

This versatile helicopter system can be fitted with fully automatic weapons, night vision, infrared night security surveillance systems, GPS "Target Painting" lasers, light air to air and air to ground missile systems, auxiliary fuel tanks for extended range, live video feed satellite link for surveillance monitoring, power plants (engines) that require only low octane non-aviation fuel (87 Octane automobile gasoline) for easy and extended fuel source solutions, and more. 

Excellent fuel efficiency for 24/7 Oil Pipeline and Port Security patrols, and surveillance of other "high risk" targets.  Essential for wild game poaching control (using "Night Vision" for Elephant poachers), surveillance of night activity of smuggling operations, illegal night Oil transport from Oil "Bunkering" operations, anti-terrorist control, and transport of emergency response teams to remote rural regions.  


Our Police/Military Helicopter Demo Video Click Here

 Bell 47 comparison

Bell 47 comparison video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbjZWVSzy5w


Bell 260

Another helicopter we would like to add to your arsenal is the Robbinson R44 (below) over the Bell 260 (above) as an additional support system.  It is not as maneuverable or fast as our smaller units but it is more maneuverable than the Bell 260.  As a 4 seater with more lift for more weapon systems capacity than our smaller units, can pack more firepower and is able to transport more personnel.  It is slightly more expensive than our smaller units and uses 3x more fuel per hour, but is much less expensive and more economical to operate than the Bell 260.  The Robbinson R44 makes an excellent additional support unit for our smaller more flexible aircraft.

Robbinson R44

Robbinson R44 Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onyRl6d0KfE


We build high security Super-Structure buildings.

Super Reinforced Terrorist-Proof Structures - Ground Zero Nuclear Proof - Ground Zero Earthquake Proof at Magnitude 10, with customized security systems.

"State of the Art" Titanium Solid and Truss Beam stress redirecting engineering available. 

We build protective systems and structural design for some of the most secure buildings in the world.  Customize your security needs to "Cutting Edge Standards".